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Take As Much Pride In Your Hotel Website As You Would Your Hotel Room

Our Web Design Agency in Vietnam provides unique solutions to hoteliers and the hospitality industry regarding their website plans. That is why we can provide our customers with beautiful and unique hotel web design.

Several hotel websites are available that try to provide information related to hotels and resorts. Still, the design and development of a hotel website is not easy and requires detailed work and eyecatching website designs so that customers can get attracted to it.

Dedicated Hotel Web Design Team

Our hotel website design company in Ho Chi Minh will give you a dedicated hotel web design team (English & Vietnamese), that will be completely responsible for designing your hospitality website from the start till completion. This same team will also be responsible for the publication of your website.

Responsive Technology

Each page is SEO optimized and focused. Our service uses responsive technology. The designers make sure to make designs that are user-friendly and can stand out in the market. Because the designs cannot stand out in the market, the agency will lose customers.

Easy Navigation

Your visitors can easily navigate our website designs, and each page provides easy access. Clients focus on providing easy access to customers and prefer it because if the access and design are not easy, the visitor will move to another site.

Online Booking

Do you want your clients to make a direct online booking at your website, and you are worried that you will not provide such services? Then you’re mistaken, as, in this digital era, it is effortless with the help of our team.

Solid & Optimised Information

We want to create an optimised design that can provide customers quick information about hotels. Therefore, all the images and information are arranged in a structural form. The user can easily scan the entire website, whether they are using a desktop or mobile phone.

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Why You Need A Hotel Web Design Industry Expert

With the increased use of marketing, social media, and new sites, many hotels & resorts are struggling to make themselves stand out. More and more people rely on the internet compared to old times.

With the ever-changing development in this industry, You can not afford to have a basic website. You need a website that has been specifically developed to meet your customer’s needs.

If your online presence is not up to scratch, your business will likely fail.

Your hotel website has to be SEO optimized, as people will search using specific keywords.

Our dedicated marketing team will use keywords for our clients that are popular on the search engine and make hotel bookings easy for you and your visitors.

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Why You Need A Hotel Web Design Industry Expert

Each year, millions of people go on holiday and visit multiple hotel websites in search of the best hotels and resorts for bookings.

Everyone will visit up to 30 to 40 websites before making the final decision. So you can say that there are many online competitors against your hotel website, and you need to stand out in providing your services so that customers can stay on your hotel website instead of switching.

Before starting each project, we share extensive knowledge with our customers to help them understand people’s needs. We have a focused approach and support you to understand your uniqueness against other businesses.

It is not just showing a room to customers; it is the detailed view of a property done with the help of our experienced team. Our team makes your hotel website workable for people.

If your hotel website design does not look appealing, why will they choose it over others?

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Our Other Hotel Web Design & Development Specialities

  1. Visitors will be able to make an online booking.
  2. They will have a better overview of different rooms and properties.
  3. They can decide if the hotel room is per their budget.
  4. Our company design websites that help you get more guests.
  5. Our website will provide a starting point for your marketing so your hotel will experience increased traffic.
  6. All our websites will give a detailed overview of making even the basic rooms seem like a luxury hotel.
  7. Visitors will also learn about the services different hotels and resorts provide.
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Some Of Our Hotel Website Designs


It's Not Just About The Design

When our clients ask what our digital marketing agency in Vietnam provides to customers, we tell them about the process we follow.

The process of designing a hotel website needs a lot of management of different factors and not just about making a design look good; and if any factor is missed, the business can affect badly.

Here are some other factors we look at with our campaigns

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Customers Review Management

When people search online for booking in hotels, they also look forward to reading the reviews of people and customers who have stayed in the hotels.

We want to deliver the best out of each project; therefore, we add the review of our customers regarding their stays in hotels and resorts.

Customers can also review the type of service each hotel is providing from the websites we design. You can check the positive and negative points of the hotel you are planning to stay in.

What can be more comfortable for you, when you can easily decide about your holiday just by reading the story or review of a particular person?

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Mulitple & Correct Contact opportunities

What is the use of a website that cannot provide correct information to its users? People search for information online and trust the websites in providing the correct information, and if the information is incorrect, they will never trust a particular website again.

If we do not provide correct information, the users will suffer, which is not even the last thing we want.

We want to make people’s holidays a memorable event; therefore, we make sure that we provide the most accurate data while designing a website.

The hotel web design industry is booming day by day; therefore, we try to provide the best design to our customers. A unique design acts as a marketing agency, as it attracts people. Another feature we provide is the contact information of hotels and resorts.

You can use your mobile phone to interact with the hotel management directly. You can decide about your hotel stay in a much better way if hotel management is just a call away from you.

A Camera ready to take images and videos of hotel rooms.

Use Images & Video To Best Showcase Your Hotel

When people search for hotel websites on their devices or mobile phone, they can always switch to another website within seconds if they do not find the required content.

Your hotel website will have beautiful photos and videos of the rooms and properties you have available.

This content will also actively help in marketing as people are always looking for eye-catching scenarios.

Our team will create content that will show the true story of a resort.

The hotel business is totally different from other businesses, and people are looking for stories when they search for hotels online.

That is why they go to social media, as it tells the stories of actual stories of people, but our websites have got it covered.

We research thoroughly and then tell different stories in our designs and photos. When the guests visit the website, they stay on it instead of switching.

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Some Testimonials From Our Partners & Clients

I want to thank the team at Web Design Saigon for the excellent service and the professional website they created for Kims Tavern. I would certainly recommend them to my Vietnamese contacts.
Fantastic team, very professional and quick replies and responses to our needs. They delivered our new website on time and budget. I would put them on your shortlist.
It is very easy to work with WD Saigon. I am not a technical person and I am always busy so i needed them to provide my web design without much support or guidance and they delivered a beautiful design.


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  • How do I make a hotel website?

    It is super easy to make a Hotel Website with Web Design Saigon. We have a really simple process

    1. Get a quote or book your discovery call
    2. We will go through all your requirements and plan exactly what you need
    3. We bring your ideas to life and make any changes that are not correct
    4. We take care of all the publishing and getting your site live ready customers
  • Where Is Your Hotel Website Design Company Located?

    Our hotel website development project team is in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We have a multi-lingual team, and we can design hotel websites for Vietnamese and International clients.

  • How much does it cost to build a website for a hotel?

    Like all web designs its quite difficult to give a price due to specific client requirements. It could cost you anywhere between $2000 to $60,000

    Things to consider that affect the price are:

    • Booking fuctionality
    • Auto post to booking sites with updated pricing
    • How many Pages
    • How many different styles of rooms
    • Images and Video

    But WD Saigon works with your budget on how we can deliver the best hotel website to your requirements. Lets talk about your project!

  • Who Is The Best Hotel Website Designer In Ho Chi Minh?

    Best Hotel Website Design Company Vietnam
    Hotel Website Design Company - Web Design Saigon

    If you are looking for the best hotel website design in Vietnam to attract more bookings for you hotel then your search is over! We provide stunningly functional hotel web designs!

    Service Type: Hotel Website Design

    Price: 1995

    Currency: $

  • What should be included in a hotel website?

    The 3 most important things to be included in a hotel website are:

    1. The ability for customers to book directly with you.
    2. Upfront and easy-to-find pricing.
    3. Lots of different ways to contact you.

    There are much more essential, but these are the 3 main things that should be included above anything else.

Website Design Team

“There is no point having excellent customer services if you have no customers in your hotel”

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