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If you own a WordPress website, then there is a good chance that, at some point in the future, you will need WordPress maintenance services.

WordPress sites are not immune from malware and other security threats, which can cause all sorts of headaches for site owners and damage your brand and income.

Read more to find out how we can overcome those issues with the types of Vietnam WordPress maintenance services our web design agency in Vietnam offers and our plans and pricing!

Security Monitoring

WordPress sites are constantly at risk from hackers and security threats. Our WordPress maintenance service can help keep your site safe by doing security scans and monitoring it for malware.

Theme updates

Keeping WordPress up to date with the latest WordPress core files and themes is an essential part of WordPress maintenance. WordPress may be vulnerable to hackers if you do not update your site.

Plugin updates

Like WordPress themes, plugins are also at risk of being compromised if they are not updated. All our WordPress maintenance plans include updating plugins when a new version is released.

Website Backups

Our WordPress maintenance plans include WordPress backups. These will be performed daily and stored for up to 30 days, which is enough time to revert in the event of a website disaster!

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What We Provide In Our WordPress Maintenance Service

We offer various maintenance services depending on your needs and your chosen package.

Daily backups of your site are performed automatically by us so that in the event of a disaster, it is easy for you to restore to any point within 30 days – great peace of mind!

WordPress core files will also be updated daily on every plan, where updates can take place weekly or monthly, depending on how often core updates are released.

Plugins will be kept up-to-date according to each plan; Standard Plan has plugins updated once per week, while Developer & WordPress Pro plans are updated daily.

WordPress themes will also be kept up-to-date according to each WordPress maintenance plan; WordPress core files are updated once per week on the Basic Plan, while Developer & WordPress Pro plans are refreshed every 24 hours, giving you peace of mind that your site is constantly running with the latest theme code!

In your business schedule! By purchasing our WordPress Maintenance Services, all updates are carried out by us, so there's no need for you to worry about any technical issues or time-consuming tasks - it's all done for you automatically. It can help save valuable time during busy periods.

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What About Normal WordPress Support?

One of the most challenging things to find is support services for small WordPress site changes.

What happens when you add a new plugin but find it hard to set up or change plugin settings? Or would you like some page speed optimization or custom development for advanced functionality?

The good news is we also offer an excellent ad-hoc WordPress support service for your WordPress Website.

You can hire one of our WordPress experts to complete any task you struggle with, whether it is security optimization, performance enhancements, malware removal, or even a website migration.

Whatever you need, no task is too small for our wp tech support! And what’s even better is we base it on an hourly charge, so you will always know the price upfront before we start working on your support requests.

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Six Essential Support Services We Can Offer As A Pay Per Service

  • Plugin Configuration
  • Theme Configuration
  • Developer Support
  • Page Speed Optimisation
  • Consulting
  • Content Support
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Our WordPress Maintenance Plans

  • Maintenace Plans
  • Support Plans
    Brilliant For Personal Blogs
    per month
    • WP Core Updates (Monthly)
    • Plugin Updates (Monthly)
    • Theme Updates (Montly)
    • Off Site Backup (Monthly)
    • Detailed Report (Monthly)
    • Security Scan (Monthly)
    • 50% off Malware Removal
  • Most Popular
    Brilliant For Businesses
    per month
    • All Personal Features +
    • High Speed Web Hosting
    • Updates 2 x Per Month
    • Off Site Backup (Hourly)
    • Security Scan (Daily)
    • Free Malware Removal
    • Keyword Tracking (10)
    • Google Analytics
    Brilliant For Ecommerce
    per month
    • All Business Features +
    • Ecommerce Website Cover
    • Content Delivery Network
    • Updates 4 x Per Month
    • Performance Monitoring
    • Keyword Tracking (25)
    • Uptime Monitoring
    Perfect For Small Sites
    • 5 Hours Support
    • $76 Bulk Buy Discount
    • Can be used however you want, Plugin & Theme configuration, New Page Design, Write Blog Post, Contact Form, Email Set up etc.
    • 3 Day Priority Support Start Time
  • Most Popular
    SUPPORT 10
    Perfect For Small Business Sites
    • 10 Hours Support
    • $251 Bulk Buy Discount
    • Can be used however you want, Plugin & Theme configuration, New Page Design, Write Blog Post, Contact Form, Email Set up etc.
    • 48 Hours Priority Support Start Time
  • SUPPORT 50
    Perfect For Large Dynamic Sites
    • 50 Hours Support
    • $1751 Bulk Buy Discount
    • Can be used however you want, Plugin & Theme configuration, New Page Design, Write Blog Post, Contact Form, Email Set up etc.
    • 24 Hours Priority Support Start Time


Our Support Extends To Our Other Services

Did you know that our Support Plans can be used for any of the services we offer at Web Design Saigon. Have a look at the other services we provide to our clients in Vietnam & abroad.

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Digital Marketing Services

Do you feel like your business is not where it should be? Do you want to improve customer engagement and brand awareness?

If so, then our digital marketing company might be the perfect fit for you. We can help with these things by implementing a cohesive digital strategy that includes PPC advertising, social media management, and more.

Contact us today to see how we can help take your business to the next level!

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SEO Agency

Do you want to increase your website rankings? If so, then we have the solution for you.

Our team of search engine optimization experts can help you with all aspects of SEO, including keyword research and content development. Our goal is to make sure that your business gets found on Google and other search engines.

We work with clients from a wide range of industries, and our experience has taught us how to create SEO campaigns tailored specifically to each client’s needs.

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Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are one of the most popular ways to promote your company; we’re here to help.

Whether you plan on rolling out a new app or need help with an existing app, our team is here for you!

We specialize in developing mobile apps with any features that you want them to have.

Our team has years of experience with many different programming languages, so no matter what type of project you’re working on, we can handle it.

Get in touch today for more information about our services!

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Some Testimonials From Our Partners & Clients

Brilliant communication and a pleasure to deal with! I would certainly recommend Zen Web Design Northampton for any Website Development work.

I was recommended Web Design Saigon by another girl bar owner, I would highly recommend them if quality and professionalism are important to you.

I do not know much about Web Design and was unsure how to build a website for my business. However, the team at Web Design Saigon, and in particular Michael, made those worries go away!

It is very easy to work with WD Saigon. I am not a technical person, and I am always busy, so I needed them to provide my web design without much support or guidance, and they delivered a beautiful design.

I spoke to some website designers but did not feel they were professional enough for my business website design. I was fortunate to talk to WDS, who made me know immediately that they were the best choice.

I want to thank the team at Web Design Saigon for the excellent service and the professional website they created for Kims Tavern. I would certainly recommend them to my Vietnamese contacts.

FAQS ABOUT OUR WordPress Maintenance Plans In Vietnam

Our Set It & Forget It - Hassle-Free Maintenance Plan

What is included in WordPress maintenance?

All the essential services are included in our WordPress maintenance to ensure your site is healthy and displays as correctly as it should. It also covers stopping hackers as much as possible by strengthening security.

Best WordPress Maintenance Company In Vietnam?

Affordable WordPress Maintenance Plans & Services

If you are looking to purchase the best and most affordable WordPress Maintenance plans in Vietnam, Your search is now complete with our excellent range of website support services available.

Service Type: WordPress Maintenance

Price: 39

Currency: $

How do I do maintenance on WordPress?

Maintenance on WordPress in large parts is not that difficult but time-consuming. They need constant updates and monitoring.

Usually, people are busy working on their business, which makes them money, and often forget about updating and maintaining their websites. That’s why you call our support team.

How much does WordPress maintenance cost?

It all depends on the size and how complicated your WordPress website is. Most companies charge between $30 – 150$ per month or even more. We created different website maintenance packages to suit most requirements.

If you are unsure which to choose, contact one of our support teams to discuss.

Where Is Your Website Maintenance Office?

We provide WordPress maintenance & Website Maintenace services to our clients from our head office in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We provide maintenance and support for WordPress clients in Vietnam and internationally.

What access do i need to provide?

Our support team will need to access all areas of your website to perform the website edits. We need your login credentials to access the maintenance dashboard and unique core files.

Two Wordpress Maintenace Support Team At Web Design Saigon In Vietnam.

“Dont waste your time focussing on maintaining when you could be using that time to focus on growing your business.”

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