Without Effective Technical SEO Your Site Will Likely Fail

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Technical SEO Is Like A Search Engine Friendly Tour Guide For Search Engine Spiders

Technical SEO services can be a confusing topic for many business owners. How technical is technical? What does technical mean in the context of SEO? And how do you know if your website needs SEO services or not?

You don’t have to worry too much because our SEO Agency in Vietnam has excellent technical SEO specialists that keep up to date with all the technical aspects to ensure your website performance won’t hinder your SEO strategy.

Let’s have a look at how your business can benefit from Technical SEO Services In Vietnam.

Pages Found Quicker

Technical SEO helps search engine crawlers such as Google (and other search engines) find your site more efficiently and effectively.

This results in higher traffic to your site from organic search engine queries, which positively impacts revenue growth.

Search Engines Understanding

Search engines can better understand the technical aspects of your website, which allows them to rank your content more accurately.

This means you have a higher chance of ranking for keywords that will drive targeted traffic and conversions back to your web pages.

Increased Sales & Conversions

Our technical SEO experts work on making sure the user experience is being met, such as improving site speed, which is now a ranking factor due to recent core web vitals update.

It also includes things like site structure to help your users navigate seamlessly throughout your web pages.

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What Are Technical SEO Services?

Technical SEO is essentially to conduct a technical SEO audit of your website. Our Technical SEO consultants have a checklist of all the ranking factors that need to be considered to improve your organic search performance.

This includes search engine optimization of your site structure, load speed, Structured data markup, search engine crawling, and so much more—basically anything you cannot see as a user.

Technical SEO is important because it ensures that not only will the crawlers find your content, but they’ll also be able to index (read) what you’ve appropriately written, which helps deliver more relevant results in searches related to your services.

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Why Are Technical SEO Services Important For Your Website?

The best analogy we can give you is would you build your house on sand? Exactly you wouldn’t; you would waste a lot of time and money as the foundations are not solid. So why take the risk with your business.

The same is for Search engine optimization. You could do extraordinary on page SEO services and off-page SEO, but if your foundation is not solid, you are always in a losing battle.

But there is more; by having a technical SEO audit and the fixes put in place, you can expect your keywords rankings to increase with time, your traffic, and conversions, thus boosting your SEO performance.

Technical SEO is about getting you found on search engines and helping the user experience of those who visit your website be as smooth as possible, which means they stay longer and return more often, thus increasing revenue for you!

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Jargon-Busting Some Technical SEO Terms

In SEO, we appreciate it can be confusing as there’s a lot of technical jargon to understand. So let’s go through a couple of them that normally come up in audits, discussions, and reports.

  • Web Crawler

    A web crawler is a technical SEO term used to describe software responsible for crawling the web to find new and updated content.

    For example, Google bot or Bingbot is their crawler.

  • Online visibility

    Online visibility is a technical SEO term used to describe how easy it is for your business website to be found online.

    The more pages you have indexed or keywords you rank for increases your visibility.

  • Site Architecture

    Site architecture is a technical SEO term used to describe the way your website is structured.

    The more logical and readable its structure (for web crawlers), the easier it’ll be to get to the search results pages.

  • XML Sitemap

    XML sitemap is a technical SEO term used to describe a file that lists all of the pages on your website. Think of it like the glossary for your website, and it helps web crawlers to navigate efficiently around your web pages.

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Some Of Our On Technical SEO Results


Some Elements We Use In Our Technical SEO Strategy

If you decide to work with our digital marketing agency in Vietnam, we will assign you your dedicated technical SEO consultant to carry out our technical SEO audits on your website and implement changes that will help propel your website higher in search engine results.

Here are just some of the focus areas.

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a graph showing the assessment criteria to pass core web vitals which is now a ranking factor for site speed.

Speed Optimization

Website speed has become a huge talking point in 2021 with the recent introduction of Core Web Vitals, which is a new way for Google to monitor website speed and its impact on website visitors.

This is now a ranking factor which means if you are failing any of the three checks, it will impact your search engine rankings.

Our SEO team has SEO tools available to monitor the improvement of your speed, such as AMP (accelerated mobile pages), and can make adjustments where necessary.

screenshot of google 404 error which is an issue within SEO

Crawl Errors

One of the most significant impacts that affect your site’s performance on search rankings is the errors related to crawlers being instructed incorrectly when they visit your website.

Some of the most common faults our technical SEO company see are robots.txt issue with don’t allow your website to be crawled, Broken links that lead to 404 pages, and 301 redirect chains that loop.

Again our technical specialists have the technical expertise to fix this to make sure every web page indexed will be indexed.

wireframe-of-page-elements for web structure.

Page Elements

Our SEO team has spent many years carrying out technical SEO work and understands that google and other search engines do not like to be confused.

Having a good website structure on your web pages, such as internal linking, meta descriptions, meta tags, and relevant keywords placed correctly, will all have an impact on your site’s performance and organic traffic.

Our technical SEO consultancy will go through each web page with a fine toothcomb to ensure all technical issues relating to your website are removed.

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Organic Search Visibility

When our SEO professionals carry out our strategic SEO services, we need to make sure that all the changes we are making have caused or do impact your search engine visibility and organic traffic.

Not only do you have the search results, but you can also secure ‘featured snippets’ using schema / structured data for some of your key elements such as Navigation, images, or FAQ’s.

Our technical SEO agency will work with data from Google search console and other tools to see which we have won and lost following the changes we have made to find the best balance.

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Some Testimonials From Our Partners & Clients

I want to thank the team at Web Design Saigon for the excellent service and the professional website they created for Kims Tavern. I would certainly recommend them to my Vietnamese contacts.
Fantastic team, very professional and quick replies and responses to our needs. They delivered our new website on time and budget. I would put them on your shortlist.
It is very easy to work with WD Saigon. I am not a technical person and I am always busy so i needed them to provide my web design without much support or guidance and they delivered a beautiful design.


The Framework To Your Success Lies In The Foundations

  • Who provides Technical SEO In Vietnam?

    Technical SEO Services In Vietnam
    technical seo services consultant - Web Design Saigon

    Web Design Saigon provides the best technical SEO services in Vietnam. Our technical SEO consultants will help ensure your website is in perfect condition for google and other search engines to help rank you easier and higher! Call Now!

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  • How Much Does Technical SEO Cost?

    Because technical SEO is such a comprehensive strategy and is applied to all web pages, the cost comes down to how many web pages you have and how much search engine optimization it requires that we uncover from the initial technical SEO audit.

    In many instances, our technical SEO experts have proposed website migrations to a new design as it would be more affordable than fixing all the issues.

  • Where is Your SEO Company Located?

    Our technical SEO agency head office is located in District 1 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We work locally, providing strategic SEO for companies across Vietnam and our international clients and partners with our multi-lingual SEO team.

  • Do I Need Technical SEO For My Mobile Site?

    Yes, mobile SEO has the same impact on search engines as desktop sites. We need to focus on some slight changes, such as user experience and site speed, to improve the SEO performance.

    Equally on page SEO requirements such as internal linking and off-page SEO such as link building will positively impact keyword rankings.

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“There is a time and a place for box-ticking and technical SEO is that time and place.”

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