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Today, the world of the internet is expanding tremendously and also with excellent speed. Everyone has access to the net in a variety of ways, desktop, mobile, TV etc as well the fact they are using it every single day.

Lots of people invest many hours surfing websites searching for the info they want or playing games online and also a lot of shopping in-between. This is why expert web development is so important. Website development is the art of taking a customer brief of requirements related to their wants and needs and developing sites that can be hosted through the web for their customers. This process consists of web designing, website content creation, as well as network safety and security management and lots of other essential online specific jobs.

At Website Design Saigon, we do not dictate that web development is just web designing. Our team of web developer experts in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam are aware that internet growth is a multitude of necessary actions such as programming and coding which makes it possible for the newly created website to operate according to the client's functional requirements as well as their design requirements. Having the extra ability to cover the technical part in web designing, coding and creating markup can deliver the best result.

Web Design Saigon's, Web Development Package

All our websites come with the below features as standard.

Our Website Designers build all our websites on the most popular and easy to use content management system. 1 in every 3 websites that are built are built using wordpress.

We design all our websites from scratch using the most popular page builder Elementor. We use this for 2 reasons:

  1. They are the most popular page builder on WordPress so you know the quality of code is class leading.
  2. If you decide to opt to make changes to the site yourself, it is one of the easiest to make small edits and changes.

If however you would like us to use a purpose built theme form a theme provider, we can do too. however you would be liable for the single licencing purchase.

Mobile web browsing has recently over taken that of laptop and desktop. So we make sure that your website looks perfect regardless the device your vistors are using.

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If you have purchased our maintenance package you will recieve free web hosting and 2 email hosting accounts.

*Terms and conditions apply

You will have access over $500 worth of Marketing & Resource  material where you can choose stock images, graphics, fonts etc to use in  your new website.

If you do not have a logo, we are happy to create a basic logo using Canva, which will fit your brand style.

We will connect your social media to your new website. If you have not set up your social media accounts we will set these up for you. (maximum of 4 social media channels).

Want to showcase some images. No problem we will set this up.

A place for you to share news, blog, or updates about your company.

We will set up google analytics so you can identify where your visitors are coming from and what they are doing whist on visiting

When your new website has been completed and is just about to launch we send your site for submission to Google & Bing in order for it to appear in the search.

We design and set up your contact form in order to receive and send emails.

We optimise all images and videos to ensure your new website remains snappy.

We ensure all functions and requirements are fully tested and work as they should before launching your new website.

Our Web Development Expert Team In Vietnam

Our Website development agency in Vietnam provides three different web development services:

Client-side coding

Server-side coding

Database Technology

Making use of the most recent programming methods is among the specialties of website development agency experts. Our Saigon Web Design team includes the listed below team of professionals:

HTML specialists:

HTML is a crucial as well as fundamental language used in internet advancement, this is not a tough language to learn and is in fact the initial one to discover if you wish to be an internet developer.

CSS professionals:

This is an additional essential and important language used in internet growth as well as one have to be really competent in this language for internet development. HTML as well as CSS are both utilized at the same time in the internet development procedure, as HTML informs the web page what content to put on screen as well as the CSS assists the webpage with exactly how to present the content. The professionals aid use a vast array of points in internet advancement like you can transform the shades of almost anything from history to paragraph messages as well as borders. By using CSS we can transform and also pick the font styles on the website.

Javascript professionals:

Javascript is also made use of in the procedure of site advancement and has its very own essential function to play. This language helps the programmer to develop small fragments of JavaScript codes that make the web site look even more responsive, interactive and a lot more eye-catching.

PHP professionals:

This is additionally referred to as the language of the web and used in virtually 80% of sites. This language is simple to learn and utilize, it is prominent in newbies that are discovering internet growth as well as additionally preferred on sites improved the system like wix and also WordPress.

Java Developers:

Java has actually been utilized in internet development for many years and it been used in selections of various programs performed in internet growth. Our group of professionals have outstanding understanding of this language as well as use it in the most effective feasible method.


Our Web Development Process

We use Web development as a method to make people familiar with the solutions or the products your internet site is offering and comprehend to them why your items or the services are relevant and suitable to them.

Our team shows the products in a way which makes it an interactive website experience with premium photos which has a fantastic influence on the site visitors whilst also achieving internet growth and or sales.

Efficient web development assists your company in raising product awareness and brand expertise and also preserve the interaction between you and the different types of customers to create leads for your organisation.

We understand that website development has a really important function in making Ecommerce internet sites work as you need them too, which are the backbone of the majority of online services even someone who creates a blog could utilise an ecommerce website.

Developing these sites is an extremely complicated job to do. Its not only about creating beautifully crafted websites but it has numerous difficulties to contend with. Considering that there is a lot of nice looking websites but once the website gets put under pressure from visitors, can it handle traffic on these sites or will it become to slow so they abandon and purchase the items elsewhere. Our group of professionals at Saigon Web Design aids to keep these websites extra responsive, efficient pagespeed and also interactive.

The web manager with the assistance and services of the web developers and their web development expertise and tools will help to keep it simple.


Never Stop Innovating

We take web development to higher level by making the webpage much more receptive as a great deal of users / visitors utilise smart phones as well as a plethora of different devices.

There is one more very vital and also one of the most essential roles of web development which is to keep these websites safe and secure from hackers since there is a great deal of purchasing done on these sites so protecting the important items of information of the customers like bank card numbers and also bank info is extremely vital. By hiring us, you can be sure that your website / online store will be well protected, as well as well maintained.

Sites like ecommerce are full of web traffic and also great deals of activities take place every minute so in some cases these sites become slow-moving because of this and the site visitor cannot navigate easily as it's hard. speed optimisation takes care of this

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