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Why Website SEO Services (Search Engine Optmisation) & Ranking Number 1 is Important

Website SEO Services or search engine optimization is made use of to increase the website traffic to your website via organic search engine results, in a less complex manner. It is a tool which gets more individuals to visit your website and in turn produce more business, profiit or brand awareness. Web Design Saigon has a team of search engine optimising experts who understand the full requirements of SEO in website style as well as search engine (Google & Bing) advancement. Let's reveal to you, how website SEO services help to assist in producing more earnings for your service you offer or products you sell.


Search engine optimization is growing quickly in Vietnam due to the amount of internet users. So it important that you consider using a processing tool that provides you with a boost of both top quality and the number of visitors your website will receive. It also give more direct exposure to your company, brand, as well as your shop products via non paid search engines.

This is a procedure or a method used to understand as well as identify what people are interested in when they are looking browsing online, the important starts with keywords they are utilizing and what sorts of content or info they want when they type in that keyword - This is called search intent.

Our team of website SEO services are carried out by SEO specialists based in Saigon, Vietnam, who excels in figuring this out based on your product in addition to your website. They are able to reach those individuals who are searching online for the product or services that your business supplies.

The search engines imitate the voice mail for you as you search for something on Google.vn or Bing.vn or a few other preferred online search engines maybe you want to dominate the US search results.

The search engine experiences billions of words as well as material, analyses which material or the word is probably to provide you with the info you seek just as you have probably searched for SEO Agencies in Vietnam, SEO Agency In Saigon or SEO Companies in Ho Chi Minh City, Website SEO Services. and Web Design Saigon came up in the listing for you to click on and then reach this page.

Our SEO agency at Web Design Saigon, understand the technology of internet search engines such as 'crawling and also indexing'.

As of now, each and every web type of content on the web like, video clips, web pages, pdf as well as images, which is related to the question or word and starts classifying and after that, it shows one of the most suited details pertaining to your query by exact matches of the word or material that is typed in.


The Website SEO Services We Provide In Vietnam

Here are some of the SEO services we provide at Web Design Saigon

SEO Auditing

There is no point in doing any SEO on your website until we have a good understanding of the current issues you are facing. Once we have completed your Audit, we then have our SEO roadmap to get you to number one.

We need to understand what your website offers and then identify what people type in google or bing the most = more traffic to your website. We aim for one Major keyword per page.

Who is the market leader or biggest competitor? What are they doing that is giving them this position? Where are they getting their visitors from? Paid, organic, keywords etc. We can then target them to attract there customers.

We check to see if your website is fit for SEO, Are your pages being indexed? Do you have XML Sitemap, HTML Sitemap, Robots.txt file which is not blocking?

We check all these to make sure you are getting every last drop of results from your SEO efforts.

What is your content like? Is it optimised for your keyword and intent? Alt tags, title tags correct? what is your backlink profile like?

We build up a plan to fix these.

SEO Building

We Identify the largest keyword that has the most traffic, we also identify keyword variations and long-tail keywords that are easier to rank for to help rank for your major keyword. 

We create or re-write your content to include your keywords, and have it optimised using the correct structure.

It is no good having a great product if people do not use those words to search.

We fix all the errors showing up in google & bing search console. We ensure that all your content is being indexed and the content we don’t want to be indexed isn’t.  

Now we know all the errors from the audit, we can go ahead and optimise your pages and blog posts, ensuring they all have 1 x <h1> tag, URLs are optimised, page titles are optimised and much more.

We make sure your social media channels are accessible and set up correctly with the same information as your website. This helps provide strength to your website that it is a real business and is accurate.

SEO Delivery

We identify all the well known citation listings in Vietnam or your country to list your website. Citations are a form of backlink that tells google and bing key information about your site such as

  • Website URL
  • Contact Number
  • Opening Hours
  • Contact email
  • Address

Again this helps build up your trust factor.

We identify safe and powerful backlinks from authoritative websites. We obtain these by providing guest posts or press releases.

We optimise your google my business listing if you are a local business so you rank highly in the map searches.

We create content for your social media channels and post them in relevant groups, pages to start having mentions and traffic from these sources.

We utilise a variety of different web 2.0 listing such as quora to strengthen your brand and to send trust signals and backlinks to your article, product or website.


The natural search results page is the one where the outcomes are totally from the effective optimization of the internet search engine as well as not from a paid internet search engine that is suggested for advertising and marketing.

These organic search engine result can be quickly discovered and do not incur any kind of cost. The non-organic search results are labeled with a blue colored web link and also are a bit expensive.

Saigon Web Design supplies you solutions both the methods where search engine result pages have lots of both natural and also paid outcomes with highlighted response boxes, photos, etc.

There are numerous other website SEO services methods to boost the website traffic on your internet sites like social websites as well as other paid means but you will certainly discover that the majority of the traffic to your site comes from online search engine.

If used and also is established up properly, we build an effective SEO as it is the only online advertising and marketing channel that guarantees to pay big rewards.

If web content with the appropriate keywords is rated high, your site traffic will enhance incredibly as well as quicker, whereas the paid traffic needs to be funded on a regular basis to send traffic to your web site.

Our website SEO services team at Saigon Web Design aids in the optimization of your website that helps to provide much better info to various online search engine. By doing this we make certain that your material can be indexed correctly and can be presented within search results.


There are two types of website SEO processes, white hat SEO and black hat SEO.

White hat website SEO practice is an ethical SEO technique and practice that follows the rules set by the search engines which primarily focus on providing more values to people.

Black hat website SEO is totally opposite to the white hat as this is non-ethical. It uses strategies and techniques that are against the rules laid by the search engines, and are usually used to spam the search engines.

Saigon Web Design know that the Black hat strategies work; however, it certainly puts your website at risk of being penalized. It may even be removed from the search results which can result in a tremendous jolt to your business.

It is very important to be very careful and to be alert before choosing an website SEO services expert or agency for your website. There are certain guidelines made by search engines for SEO experts or agencies that have to be followed without any failure.

Our SEO experts follow the set of guidelines that are relative to White hat SEO, mostly defined by the biggest search engine, Google.

Our website SEO Services Commitment

White Hat SEO

We only use ethical SEO so you do not have to fear about receiving google penalties.

Non Replicated

All our SEO work will be unique and individually tailored to each of our customers

Optimised For Customers

We make sure that we do not just seo optimise for Google or Bing, but for your customers too


We provide full monthly reports on progress and success from our SEO project

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