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Professional SEO services come easy to us; why? Because our team of SEO consultants at WD Saigon are geeks! Full-on search engine optimisation geeks! They love talking about rank tracking, citations, link building, no follow, do follow, local, technical the lot! I would hold my hands up and say they are probably not the kind of people you would like to be stuck on a desert island with. However, they are most definitely the team of SEO consultants you would want working on optimising your website. As you would expect from a professional SEO company and team, we keep up to date the latest Google & Bing recommendations and the wider SEO community to ensure the use of the best and safest search engine optimisation techniques.

Why Website SEO Services (Search Engine Optmisation) & Ranking Number 1 is Important

As you can see from the infographic above, CTR or click-through rate, which means search engine visitors who click on a listing on google or bing drops significantly to the point where if you are at the bottom of page 1, you have a 3% chance of someone clicking on your site....3%! Imagine you are not even on the first page; your awesome product, your amazing blog or unique business, no matter how good they are, will not be found! This is why professional SEO services are a must for any online business.

Infographic created by backlinko

Because WD Saigon provides dedicated Search engine optimization services and especially to our clients in Vietnam, it is becoming more and more competitive and difficult to rank your site.

We have the capability to support and provide knowledge to those that require a website also to consider the importance of SEO. Unfortunately, it's no longer possible to think the mentality of "if we build it, they will come" I am afraid they will not come without having an optimised website.

Our SEO specialists carry out our SEO Consultancy services alongside our Web Designers in Vietnam; this allows for a seamless optimisation experience.

The 3 Phases Of SEO Services Our Search Engine Optimisation Agency Provides

One of the most critical elements of our professional SEO services and to help your site rank better is to  complete a website SEO audit. (This is not required if you are having your website designed by WD Saigon as we do this for you.)

Without going into to much detail as our audits cover over 100 different checks.

Some of the more notable ones include:

  • Website Structure
  • Keyword Competitiveness
  • Broken links
  • URL optimisation
  • Backlinks
  • Google Penalties
  • Sitemap

As mentioned the list goes on! All our clients will receive a full report, analysis and raw data of their SEO report.

We then utilise this sound data to implement the next Phase – Onpage  Optimisation

Now that we have covered the first search engine optimisation stage we now have the critical data needed for our next phase of professional SEO services – Onpage SEO phase.

Our onpage SEO phase includes:

  • Keyword & Competitor analysis to target the right keyword for your website.
  • Content Creation to target keywords from the research
  • Fix site structure to ensure all pages are interlinking correctly
  • Navigation is set up so your website visitors can find the SEO content easily
  • All the fixes from the audit

Contact us to find out more about the Phase 2 SEO services we provide!

So we have completed the SEO audit and have your website in tip-top shape. Now we can go out and maximise its potential with our final stage of our professional SEO services roadmap – Offpage SEO

We make sure that your website is visible in as many places as possible, new SEO content is targetted and continuous and capture as much data as possible to help you direct future SEO decisions. The final stage is ongoing.

The Difference Between A Professional SEO Company & One That Is Not

SEO digital marketing in Viet Nam is still fairly new regarding how powerful it can be for your website. The US  & The UK have had SEO companies specialising in this for the last 20 years, but the good news is you do not have to find an SEO agency in London as our team of SEO consultants come from the UK, India & Europe.

If you are searching for professional SEO services, you may have seen many advertisements saying they offer affordable SEO services. But at the price of what? Many shady SEO firms do what we call 'black hat SEO', which if Google finds out, they will remove your site from being viewed on their search engine. This will cripple anyone's business.

WD Saigon focus on White Hat SEO which is set in line with googles recommended SEO guidelines.

So if you want more traffic, more sales, more profit, fill out the quote form below!

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